JAIL TIME FOR WORDS ONLY, NO PHYSICAL CONTACT, HE SAID SHE SAID NO INDEPENDENT CORROBORATION EXCEPT FOR THE MANUFACTURED INDEPENDENT CORROBORATION FROM THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY PREPPRED PERJERER AND $ 10 DOLLAR AN HOUR HIDEOUT SECURITY BUFFOON GARY BRENNER; A MONSTROUS INJUSTICE! especially in light of the fact that the Pennsylvania State Police and the district attorney of Wayne County possessed the Lisa Bennett and Diane Langan videotapes of July 10, 2005, which both proved Virginia Soentgen to be the innocent victim of a Jim Watson, Marilyn Watson, Diane Langan and Lisa Benentt False Police report scheme to destroy the interracial Soentgen family; a fantasitic malicious prosecution, where the state police and the district attorney not only had the wrong perpetrator and knew it, but where the state police and the district attorney knew that the alleged victims in both criminal matters were the actual criminal perpetrators and the state police and district attorney knew this from very early in the investigation stage.