This extreme and fraudulent Sentencing even more preposterous than the Sentencing in the fraudulent Watson case, again we have alleged curse words only, no physical contact, and a fraudulent False Police Report conviction, just because Virginia's version of an event that did happen did not match the vicious racist and Demon Donna Collins version or Demon Donna's co-worker and fiendish friend's versions of the event, notwithstanding the fact that Virginia Soentgen had a witness who testified to corroborate Virginia Soentgen's version, but all admit that an argument took place between Virginia and Donna Collins, and that Donna Collins participated, not stood there quietly, a different interpretation of an event that did happen is not a False Police Report, the original criminal information and now this gaudy sentencing prove that the court cases against Virginia Soentgen are a politically inspired forgery to preempt lawsuits, lawsuits that Paul and Virginia Soentgen tried to initiate against the Hideout Property Owners Association, Jim Watson and the Pennsylvania State Police, long before any of the events that took place, events that were turned upside down and into preposterous criminal charges against an innocent and long-suffering from Virginia Soentgen, and jail time for words only; where the Real Housewives of Atlanta, instead of jail, get a paycheck every week to curse at each other on National television. Check out our exhibits at end of this Photo Array: A FETID CREAKING CRACK IN THEIR STALE ARMOR, this entire case should be thrown out!