Virginia, Paul, Heather and Lauren Soentgen's plucky reponse to Samuel Stretton's pre-sentencing threat of total annihilation: "NUTS" a threat that was still ignored by the vicious racist Judge Harold A. Thomson, who still would not let Virginia fire her paid and less than worthless counsel here Samuel Stretton, who took on the role of prosecutor at Sentencing, as the distict attorney, fearing retribution, offered up no witnesses at all at Sentencing, and not much else either, conspicuously and eriely quiet, though Jim Watson, Marilyn Watson, Lisa Benentt, Diane Langan & the Demon Donna Collins and her dreadful husband Frank Collins were all seated and snickering in the peanut gallery of the very small 4th floor modern courtroom at this Kafkaesque Sentencing. Samuel Stretton, though knowing Virginia Soentgen to be completely innocent and offering up this Stretton belief of Virginia's innocence to the Soentgen's in private, notwithstanding Virginia staunchly maintaining her innocence and going so far as going on 14 day hunger strike in Lackawanna prison to prove the point; and notwithstanding Virginia's prospect's on appeal, would go on to claim to the Judge that Virginia was Guilty, though mentally ill Guilty, and not really aware how her mental illness had affected her neighbors the Watson's and the Donna Collins and others at the Bus Stop; this "crazy" argument the first tool in the tool box of cheating and lying husbands, who always tell everybody that their wife is crazy; Criminal & dastardly disloyalty.