Virginia Soentgen's public defender appellate attorney, Mr. Steven E. Burlein, actually informed Paul and Virginia at the outset of Mr. Burlein's representation, and many times afterwards, that Mr. Burlein could really not help Virginia Soentgen in these court cases, because Virginia's cases were political, and Mr. Burlein noted also that Honesdale was a small town, and if Mr. Burlein were to actually help Virginia, that He Burlein suffer the consequences. Despite Virginia Soentgen relaying this sort of conflict of interest information about Mr. Burlein to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Virginia Soentgen was brutally ignored by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, which had it's own special brand of conflict of interest going on pursuant to the Virginia Soentgen cases, never mind politics, both State and Federal, Virginia Soentgen's panel # 63 from the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, consisting of Judge Correale Stevens, Judge Lally Green, and Judge Popovich, would quash Virginia Soentgen appeals after denying an ordinarily no big deal second extension of time to file Formal Briefs, and it was found out on April 12, 2010, from Samuel C. Stretton's own lips, that Judge Correale Stevens was Samuel C. Stretton's law school roommate at Dickenson Law School, and a go-to-guy for Sam in a pinch!