PLEASE COMPARE THE CAPTION BELOW THE PHOTO OF VIRGINIA SOENTGEN IN WHEEL CHAIR WITH NO FOOT SUPPORTS TO JUDGE HAROLD A. THOMSON'S STATEMENT OF REASONS FELONY DECEPTION EXHIBIT IN THIS PHOTO ARRAY, LOCATED RIGHT AFTER THE EXHIBIT: WHISLIN DIXIE, notably the EXHIBITs: "Felony" and "Deception," which prove Judge Harold A. Thomson to be a felonious liar! Also, and perhaps more importantly, please read carefully the: Witness Jennifer Brown section located in news story in above HOGIED exhibit, this Jennifer Brown who did testify that Donna Collins instigated the October 11, 2005 incident, but a Jennifer Brown who committed perjury when Jennifer Brown testified that Jennifer Brown's car window was rolled up so Jennifer could not hear anything, this creep was paid off by the State Police and the Hideot with gift of a Nail Salon business, and who knows what else, this business went bankrupt a year later, Ms. Brown did not have the money to open up a Nail Salon or even a Hot Dog Cart, Jennifer Brown was at the time (Months before the trial and just as her business opened in the summer of 2006, $ 50,000 in credit card debt, $ 18,000 thousand behind on her mortgage and in foreclosure, her husband had been arrested and jailed for drug trafficking, her son, a behavioral problem, kicked out of Western Wayne High and forced to go to a bad kids High School program, and worst of all Jennifer's brother was facing years of jail time and in jail awaiting trial for felony drug distribution, Jennifer came to Paul and Virginia and said she wanted to be a witness for us, but then a week before the trial renigged, and had to be subpoenaed, this woman knows plenty! And Paul and Virginia will be providing in this Photo Array very soon the audio of Jennifer Brown's phone answer machine threat to Paul and Virginia, who had subpoenaed Jennifer brown post trial, a vicious Jennifer Brown who left this monstrous message on our answer machine: "This little subpoenas here, I will not be going to the Hearing and I'm not afraid of Jail, goodbye!"