Go to 1st HOGTIED exhibit in this Photo array for more complete expanation, and also compare the written caption under the photo of Virginia Soentgen, in British Burberry, in a wheel chair without foot supports, to Judge Harold A. Thomson's Statement of Reasons Felony deception Exhibit, this caption proves Judge Thomson to be a felonious liar, as Judge Thomson's felonious Statement of Reasons reports that Virginia was not shackled and handcuffed until after Virginia was found in Contempt at trial, a vicious lie and felony document fraud and cover-up! PLEASE REFER TO NEWSPAPER STORY ABOVE, AND TAKE A CAREFUL LOOK AT UNDERLINED SECTIONS REFERENCING DEFENSE WITNESS JENNIFER BROWN, a snake if there ever was one, a woman who came to Paul and Virginia and asked to be a witness for Virginia, as Jennifer had seen and heard everything at the bus stop on October 11, 2005, and could report that Virginia was completely innocent and that Donna Collins was the perpetrator and her witness friends all liars, and then just (1) week before trial Jennifer calls Paul and Virginia and informs us that Jennifer cannot make it to the trial becuase Jennifer has to attend a protection order hearing between her husband and Jennifer's husband's girlfrien, yea, that's what she said, and thereafter Jennifer would have to be subpoenaed, and who would show up for trial only to testify that Jennifer's window was up so Jennifer could not hear anything, but that Jennifer could see that it was Donna Collins who was the instigator, deliberately making herself an ineffective witness, AT THE TIME OF TRIAL JENNIFER HAD A NEW NAIL SALON, OPENED ALLEGEDLY WITH 10,000 DOLLARS CASH FROM HER CLEANING LADY MOTHER'S FUN MONEY,please---(Jen's Mother's story to Virginia) JENNIFER 50,000 DOLLARS IN PERSONAL CREDIT CARD DEBT, 18,000 DOLLARS BEHIND ON HER MORTGAGE, AND IN FORECLOSURE, THESE FIGURES ACCORDING TO JENNIFER WHO INFORMED PAUL AND VIRGINIA OF JENNIFER'S DIRE FINANCES, AND JENNIFER'