Photo of 2X convicted felon Frank Matacchiero, who was convicted both times before ---------------------Judge Robert J. Conway, and a Frank Matacchiero who would within a (3) month period, May to late July 2006, just (2) months before Virginia Soentgen's fraudulent trials, paint the homes of Jim Watson, Donna Collins, Marge Chapman and Allison Heydt Wilkins, as part of a paint job bribery scheme. ----------------------------------------------------Paul Soentgen would confront Frank matacchiero in the lobby of the Pa. State Police Honesdale barracks, where Frank just happened by chance to be visiting, and where Paul was serving the Pa. state police with a subpoena, and where paul took the occassion to serve frank with a subpoena, a frank who just sat mum after paul challenged frank to come forward and tell the FBI what Frank knew about the paint job bribes, but frank's girlfriend would freak out on paul, still------------------- frank embarassed, and showing guilt on his face, said not a word. It's not too late frank to spill the beans and save yourself and the Soentgen family.