Check out the 1st pargraph Allison Heydt Wilkins vivid descrption of alleged victim in case no. 1 ------------- Jim Watson, MR. MUSTARD, THE MEAN OLD MAN, this despicable racist Jim Watson is no victim, and Allison was served a subpoena by Sam Stretton's bogus private detective scammer Dave Palma, but ------------------Sam Stretton let this lying monster Allison to ignore the subpoena, even though Allison could have placed Paul and Virginia on the Soentgen docks, just moments before the outset of the event of July 10, 2005, notwithstanding Allison could have placed Heather and Lauren on Allison's dock at the outset of the July 10, 2005 event ----------------BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, please see 2nd to last paragraph just above (AGENT'S NOTES: Where Allison reported to Detective Dave Palma that Allison did not speak to Ginger (Virginia) until (6) months after the event, and that is all Allison knows about the event------------Allison spoke to Paul Soentgen just after 8 P.M. the evening of July 10, 2005, and on Allison's dock, which is backed up by Allison's daughter "COURTNEY" being heard on the July 10, 2005 CD-Video, as Courtney was at the Soentgen home at 1730 Hours with Heather and Lauren Soentgen, and where "COURTNEY" can be heard to say on the CD-Video very clearly at exactly ( min.) of this CD-Video: "Beef Jerky's Good, Heather and Lauren."