Please first notice vicious "2 Mor Days 2 Go" sign on the home of Donna and Frank Collins, this unwelcome display of Hatred towards the interracial Soentgen family on April 11, 2006, just (1) day before the Soentgen's April 12, 2006 scheduled sheriff's sale that was cancelled at the 11th hour, and just days before False Arrest of Virginia Soentgen for allegedly throwing M-80 fireworks at this same Donna and Frank Collins home, another absurdity; as Frank Collins is a violent drug user and drug pusher in the Hideout neighborhood who was seen by Virginia Soentgen to consumate a drug deal with a white powder in plastic bags with the husband of Angie Tobin, Angie Tobin of the Hideout's Roamingwood Sewer and Water concern, Donna & Frank Collins both current and past users of Meth and Cocaine, and Frank bragged how Frank took a drug rap for Donna and went to prison, Frank also tried to get Paul to go in on an Eight ball of cocaine with Frank on a couple of occasions, which Paul refused to participate in, Frank Collins also bragged about the $ 1,500 dollars in cash that Frank left in his kitchen cubbard for drug deals and Frank also bragged about his hand-gun, and how Frank was "untouchable" and a handgun which Frank was seen by witnesses on July 29, 2008 to fire in the air 4 or 5 times at the back of Frank's truck, and while Frank was stoned and drunk, the State Police, with the help of Hideout Security, covered-up this incident. PLEASE READ FRANK & THE METH MOM DONNA COLLINS JULY 29, 2008 RAMPAGE EXHIBIT WHICH IS SHOWN LATER IN THIS PHOTO ARRAY. Frank and Donna Collins are guilty of Federal Hate crimes pursuant to the NOOSES from Hell and the Frank Collins verbal threat to Virginia Soentgen pursuant to these NOOSES, where Frank yelled out the window in a drunkin growl at Virginia Soentgen: "You're Head's in the NOOSE!" Never mind that Frank and Donna Collins are part of the Hate Crime conspiracy to run the interracial Soentgen family from Northeastern Pa., Jailed, broke and homeless!