Sorry for the dark photo, but taken just as it was getting dark, but you can make out Frank Collins in Jeans with Biker Key-chain hanging from his belt, and waving at Paul, and you can make out the Light bulb white hair of Marilyn Watson standing behind Donna Collins pre Missoura boat ride of July 29, 2008, and after this very unfriendly boat ride Frank and Donna would angrily jump on their Harley in the Watson's garage, pull it out of the garage onto the Watson's gravel driveway just in front of garage, and Frank would rev-up his Harley until it seemed to want to EXPLODE, it was so loud, and then Frank would peal out with gravel flying back into the Watson's gagage, this was no friendly visit, but a forced visit, as a drunken and stoned Frank and Donna Collins forced themselves on the Watsons, no doubt to get an indirect update from Williams & Connolly LLP's Edward 'eddie' Bennett. Frank and Donna had just previous to pulling into the Watson garage pulled theire chopper down the Soentgen driveway while overly reving-up their Chopper which terrified young Lauren Soentgen, and for which Frank Collins only would be charged by the Pa. State Police with simple summary harassment of the Soentgen family, and where the corrupt magistrate Jane E. Farrell would find Frank "Not Guilty" a fucking disgrace! RETIRED TWA AIRLINE CAPTAIN PILOTS AND WHITE HAIRED OLD LADY PRIGS DO NOT HANG AROUND WITH DRUNK AND STONED AND COMMON BIKER TRASH LIKE FRANK AND DONNA COLLINS, MUCH LESS INVITE THESE RUDE FOLKS FOR AN INTIMATE MISSOURA BOAT RIDE, UNLESS THERE IS CONSPIRACY GOING ON BETWEEN THEM; NO OTHER EXPLANATION WILL SUFFICE.