Without an attorney, because Paul and Virginia Soentgen boldly informed the Grumpy Old Man from Jefferson County Judge William Henry that we did not want appointed counsel, because appointed counsel was Steven E. Burlein, who promised Virginia an easy victory in this Contempt trial onver the phone a day before the trial, "Not Hearing," but when this Jackass liar showed up for the trial, this dastardly Steven E. Burlein mumbled to Judge Henry that He-Burlein didn't think he could be very much use at this trial because he wasn't familiar with the issues---LIAR! and Paul and Virginia were forced to defend themselves in this potentially fatal trial, with felony charges waiting in the wings, and with really only (1) day's notice to obtain counsel or prepare for this trial, an indirect contempt trial whose rights should have included adequate time to prepare, a jury if so desired, and counsel if so desired, Paul and Virginia told ol Stevie Wonder Burlein to go and take a seat with the rest of the rabble in the peanut gallery; Paul had Jim Watson rattled on the witness stand, a Jim Watson who sounded more like a baggage handler than a TWA commercial airline pilot Captain, a Jim Watson who kept talking too loud into the courtroom microphone and over-modulating same just like the drive through dispatcher at McDonald's - - - to the consternation of the crotchity Judge Henry war weary ears, and Heather Soentgen hit it off with the ol Judge Henry just like Shirley Temple did with the Judge in the film "the Stowaway" and saved the day; extraordinary.