Sam Stretton filed a Petition for Allowance of Appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on behalf of Virginia Soentgen on September 18, 2010, (3) days before Virginia and Paul Soentgen hired attorney William C. Costopoulos for that very same purpose, a William C. Costopoulos who would allegedly file a Petition on behalf of Virginia Soentgen on September 25, 2010 (Long story), and Paul Soentgen would personally visit the Pa. Superior Court in Philadelphia in search of this Sam Stretton brief, and Paul Soentgen would catch (3) very professional staff members of the Pa. Superior Court in lies about the whereabouts of this Stretton brief (long story). SAM MUST HAVE FILED THIS PETITION OUT OF GUILT, OR MORE PROBABLY THAT VIRGINIA'S EXPECTED PRO SE BRIEF WOULD BE IGNORED DUE TO HYBRID COUNSEL PROHIBITIONS ON APPEAL. SAM AFRAID OF WHAT VIRGINIA'S PRO SE BRIEF MIGHT CONTAIN, INCLUDING VICTORIOUS ISSUES ON APPEAL. THE PA. SUPERIOR COURT NEEDS TO TURN OVER TO VIRGINIA SOENTGEN THIS SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 SAMUEL C. STRETTON PETITION!