Virginia Soentgen's 1st cousin attorney Nadine Chabrier, a Washington D.C. based attorney and --------------------- UCLA Law School graduate as well as a Georgetown Law School Ford Fellowship receipient, who has LA public Defender experience, and who cares a great deal about perfect strangers with HIV - but couldn't care a wit about Nadine's completely innocent 1st cousin VYS, Virginia Y. Soentgen, or the long suffering Heather and Lauren Soentgen; ----------Shame and Dishonor on you Nadine Chabrier ---------------------------------who returned Virginia and Paul Soentgen's past kindness's to Nadine with a crab-in-the-pot stab in the back; not one phone call from Nadine to Virginia Soentgen these last 6 years, and despite Virginia Soentgen's many phone calls and phone converstaions with Aunt Jane and Joan; or any contact whatsoever from Nadine Chabrier offering Virginia Soentgen even moral support, and all this non help despite Nadine's many law school and professional connections; Nadine got hers!