Gordon Zubrod told the Soentgen family on May 4, 2010 that agent Derron Roberts no longer worked at the Scranton FBI office, this Derron Roberts who had threatened Paul Soentgen over the phone: "Your case is closed, it has been closed since 2002, it is closed forever; if you (Paul Soentgen) ever call the FBI again, I (Derron Roberts) will charge you with Middle District Harassment of the FBI!" This disgusting and bloated monster (see menancing photo above) also helped cover-up for the racist Jim Watson and Donna Collins, and cover-up for the crooked Pa. State Police, the Hideout Property Owners Association and the corrupt Wayne County Court of Common Pleas; and now------------------------- Paul and Virginia Soentgen find out about this FBI Rick Southerton jackass running for Wayne County Comnmissioner. Where is this agent Derron Roberts now working Mr. Zubrod? in Alaska? or is he running for dog catcher of --------------------FBI Rick Southerton's Wayne County? --------------------------------------------------Hey Derron, fighting public corruption is very complicated when you yourself have a personal involvement in it - ain't it?