Yellow Hummer vehicle of Donna and Frank Collins, who are proven by the second photo at bottom to have been behind on their Hideot Property Owners dues, see-----GUEST----designation on guest pass hanging from mirror, Owners dues which cover the use of all the Hideout facilities and dues at that time were about $ 1,000 thousand dollar a year, and are due no later than March of any given year. Hideout homeowners who are not current are their dues are called Members not in good standing, and until paid current, are not allowed to use any Hideout facilities like the Trash dumpster area, the Beach, the Clubhouse the golf course etc., or even access to the Hideout, unless with weekly renewed guest pass on windshield, here however on July 4, 2006 next exhibit photo, "80's Hair Donna," we find Donna Collins on the beach, with guest pass sticker hanging from her mirror, which proves Donna was not a member is good standing; WHO PAINTS THEIR ENTIRE HOUSE AND GETS A NEW ROOF WHILE THEY CANNOT EVEN AFFORD A $ 1,000 MEMBERSHIP DUES? answer: "THE DAZED AND CONFUSED" Hideout Paint Job scheme co-conspirators Frank THE PUSHER MAN and THE DEMON - ALCOHOLIC METH MOM Donna Collins!