Meth Mom and alchoholic Donna Collins sitting alone and probably hung-over in beach chair at Hideout Beach on July 4, 2006, despite being not a member in good standing on July 4, 2006 because Donna was then behind on her membership dues. Heather Soentgen was rudely escorted out of the this same Hideout Main Beach's swimming pool by 4 Hideout Secuirty Guards this same weekend, even though Heather had a guest pass from her friend Cassie Somers, because the Hideout Security said the Soentgen's were behind on their dues and not members in good standing. This a terrifying scene for a then 13 year old Heather Soentgen, who hundreds of people at the pool got to gawk at a rudely escorted out of the pool area with great fanfare, and despite the brave protest of Cassie's Mom. ALSO PLEASE KNOW THAT PAUL SOENTGEN TRIED TO INFORM JUDGE HENRY FROM JEFFERSON COUNTY ABOUT DONNA COLLINS TWEEKING DRUG USE, AND THIS DURING HEATHER SOENTGEN'S TESTIMONY IN THE MARCH 20, 2007 CONTEMPT TRIAL AGAINST PAUL AND VIRGINIA SOENTGEN, AS HEATHER PERSONALLY WITNESSD DONNA COLLINS'S EXCESSIVE PEAKING OUT OF THE WINDOW EVEN THOUGH NO ONE WAS THERE, AND HEATHER ALSO FAMILIAR WITH DONNA COLLINS'S LOCKING HER DAUGHTER CRYSTAL IN THE BASEMENT WHILE DONNA AND FRANK USED DRUGS UPSTAIRS. PAUL'S QUESTIONING ON THIS DONNA AND FRANK COLLINS DRUG USE WAS CUT OFF BY JUDGE HENRY WHO THREATENED PAUL SOENTGEN OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITH CONTEMPT FOR TOUCHY QUESTIONS THAT PAUL TRIED TO POSE ON DIRECT AND CROSS EXAMINATION.