Virginia's direct appeal thus far has been blocked at every angle, and Virginia is in desperate need of the Media's assistance to get this story out, notwithstanding the over 30,000 visitors to this Photo Array, and almost 300,000 thousand individual exhibit views to date, that honest law enforcement will intervene and keep the innocent Virginia Soentgen out of an undeserved Wayne County prison cell. Remember, Virginia's appeals were never reviewed on the Merits, and were simply quashed by Sam Stretton's old Dickenson Law School Roommate and go-to-guy Corey Stevens, who denied Virginia Soentgen an ordinaridy no big deal second extension of time to file her pro se formal briefs, and who thereafter quashed Virginia's appeals, and who instead should have recused himself from Virginia's appeals because of Corey Stevens conflict of interest with Samuel C. Stretton, who Virginia Soentgen had reported to the Pa. Superior Court was corrupt from the beginning of Virginia's appeal process at the Superior Court, which lasted from October 2006 to June 2009.